Be The Best Leader You Know.

Are you a new, experienced or emerging leader?  Do you ever feel uninspired, unprepared, confused or just plain tired?  The Intentionaleaders Membership Community  is designed to give you the resources and connections to lead with focus, energy, clarity, and purpose.  


Imagine a community that...

  • Brings the very best leadership practices curated & delivered right to you

  • Helps you tackle your toughest leadership challenges

  • Encourages you to show up as your authentic self

  • Reinforces your successes & celebrates your leadership wins

  • Provides tools you can apply immediately to get the results you want

  • Becomes your trusted source for transparency,  hope and fun

Find your leadership community .

Your leadership challenges are welcomed here.  And your successes are celebrated. Because inspiring leaders don't go it alone.  They know that a strong support system strengthens resilience.  Continuous learning drives change and innovation.  And that it takes a community to  thrive. 

Find connection, collaboration and communityWith like minded leaders across a variety of industries.   Who want to show up as the best leader they know.

Join our membership and receive:

1. Expert Guidance

Group coaching calls

  • Twice monthly member calls build confidence + reduce overwhelm + lots of laughs
  • Expert guidance on time tested & trending leadership habits, practices and techniques 
  • Quarterly guest speakers keep you energized and inspired

2. Focused Professional Development

Micro-Learning Modules

  • Micro-learning modules added monthly--stay on top of leadership trends and practices
  • Exclusive bonus Podcast Library help you tackle real world problems with easy to implement solutions

3. Safety to Be Yourself

Private Community

  • 24/7 Private online community to connect and collaborate, commiserate with other leaders who have the SAME PROBLEMS AS YOU!
  • Feel safe to discuss those dicey issues you don't want to share with your boss or HR (and that your family is  tired of hearing about...!)

What's Included in the Membership

  • Live twice monthly coaching calls

  •  Micro-learning modules added monthly to sharpen leadership skills and practices

  •  Exclusive Podcast Library tools & resources

  •  Monthly leadership challenges create focus and results

  •  Quarterly Guest Experts share successes and challenges in leadership and life

  •  Facebook Community for connection and networking


Sign Up Now with 2 Ways to Pay

One Yearly Payment of $497

Become a member and get instant access to the Membership modules, online community, and group coaching calls.

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Monthly Payments of $47

Become a member and get instant access to the Membership modules, online community, and group coaching calls.

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The information presented by Cyndi is to the point, actionable, and science based. The members on the call are also “in the trenches” and dealing with exactly the same challenges now or have in the past. It is like have a genius think tank at your disposal.  The other members become trusted allies that you feel a connection to. It is truly a safe space to think out loud and gain an impartial  perspective that is removed from the internal politics in your organization. Oh yeah, we have fun too!



The Intentionaleaders program is amazing. Cyndi provides well-researched best practices on diverse leadership topics presented in bite-sized fun segments and paired with immediate practice and application on the member calls. The community of others embracing learning to become more purposeful leaders is supportive and essential for accountability and collaboration. I am delighted I joined Cyndi’s program last year.


Your Community Guide:

Cyndi Wentland

I've made a career of mastering leadership.  As a former executive, an entrepreneur, learning designer, coach and master facilitator--I've observed and studied the best and brightest...the truly amazing leaders.  And I've taken my 30+ years of experience and I share it liberally.  I've taught thousands of leaders, let me show you what I've discovered.

Because I believe that the best leaders don't go it alone.  They are open, courageous, collaborative and vulnerable in their growth and development.

My mission is to help you discover a community to share, be heard and be seen.


 Hearing from peers who are working to tackle similar leadership problems is incredibly valuable. The environment allows you to explore leadership problem solving in a non-work but still relevant environment, which means you can share and prototype solutions in a low-stakes, but incredibly relevant environment.

I have found value from every call -- even if a topic sometimes seems not directly relevant, I find that after the call, it actually was and I was happy to have learned a new way to apply something with my team.


In my mind the membership calls provide the boost of energy to think about management and/or team responsibilities that often get lost in the mire of deadlines.  Good dialogue with good people that are trying to do their best in the job they have!


The calls provide an opportunity to meet and get ideas from others outside of my company.  They also give me time to focus solely on leadership.  With everything else going on, unfortunately leadership development easily falls to the bottom of the list. 

Cyndi bring lots of energy and super-awesome advice. And challenges me to think about situations differently – I always have at least one “aha moment” during these calls.