Be The Best Leader You Know.

Lead with Impact.

The Confident Leader course is designed to give you the tools, skills and strategies to be the leader you've always dreamed of being.


     Imagine that you...

  • Are a top leader in your field

  • Show up to work confident each day 

  • Never question your leadership skills again

  • Naturally attract engaged, motivated employees

  • Build the career of your dreams

  • Leave a leadership legacy 

Create your leadership legacy.

The best leaders confidently advance their vision.  They achieve results while engaging others. You too can operate from this mindset of deep awareness, authenticity and transparency. You're not just a boss, you are a leader. And, an intentional one at that.

Abby Rimmert | Branch Manager, S and J Home Care, LLC dba Brightstar Care® 

“I highly recommend the Confident Leader Course.  This course has given me the skills to be strong leader and to drive a successful team.  I have been a supervisor for 20 years and this was by far the most valuable leadership course I've taken.  This is a worthwhile investment for all levels of leadership.  This program has improved my ability to assert myself with confidence and composure.  I am grateful for this experience and am looking forward to seeing where my team will be a year from now."


By the end of the course, you will:

1. Live Your Legacy

Weeks 1&2

  • Create the career of your dreams
  • Fast track your results 
  • Drive performance with crystal clear expectations

2. Choose Your Beliefs

Weeks 3&4

  • Choose confidence everyday
  • Realize the impact of your values 
  • Learn the secrets to composure

3. Assert Yourself

Weeks 5&6

  • Empower yourself + others
  • Speak directly and respectfully 
  • Confidently ask for what you want and need

4. Lead with Focus

Weeks 7&8

  • Skillfully develop talent
  • Give motivating feedback
  • Boldly face people challenges

5. Drive Team Performance

Weeks 9&10

  • Grow an amazing team
  • Uncover barriers to synergy
  • Boost engagement and motivation

6. Foster Growth

Weeks 11&12

  • Learn the secret to continuous learning
  • Overcome a fixed mindset
  • Live your legacy


What you'll receive:

  • 15 bite sized lessons build skills + confidence
  • Videos & downloadable worksheets guide your learning
  • Flexibility: Learn when you want, where you want; new lessons unlocked every two weeks
  • Six quizzes =  confidence you've mastered the concepts
  • Access to the Intentionaleaders forum community = collaboration and networking
  • Bonus videos on goal setting and managing challenging employees
  • Surprise perks & offers!

Lead with focus, clarity and an abundance of confidence. Are you ready to be the best leader you know?



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Your Learning Guide:

Cyndi Wentland

I've made a career of mastering leadership.  As a former executive, an entrepreneur, learning designer, coach and master facilitator--I've observed and studied the best and brightest...the truly amazing leaders.  And I've taken my 30+ years of experience and rolled it into this course.  I've taught thousands of leaders, let me show you what I've discovered.

Because I believe that confident leaders are the amazing ones.  But contrary to what most people believe, confidence is not about your experience.  It's not about your preparation.  It's about your mindset.

My mission is to help you shift your mindset, harness your strengths, build your skills, and be the best leader you know.

April McDonald |Director, Member Services , Great Lakes Energy

"Thank you Cyndi for a great course in The Confident Leader! I have learned so much about myself and my staff through this course it is astounding. I am now using some of the tools and podcasts to set goals for the upcoming year for all of us. This course was 12 weeks of insightful, deep-thinking sessions with action items and tools to keep it going in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can see changes already!"

Brooke Virgin | Branch Manager, S and J Home Care, LLC dba Brightstar Care® 

“The Confident Leader is well worth taking no matter where you are at in your leadership journey. If you are beginning, middle or a seasoned leader Cyndi puts a different angle and take on areas that you may not think of as a manager/leader. Sometimes as a seasoned leader you get set in your ways, Cyndi reminds us to take a step back and look at things differently and look at your team differently.

The whole course touches on all aspects of leadership and how you can improve your communication as a leader and take your team to the next level.

 I have already taken some of the suggestions and used them in my weekly Team Meetings. This is a thought-provoking course and I completely enjoyed it!"