Leadership Trainings for Organizations

This series was designed to provide leaders of all levels with training and education so that organizations can function optimally. Each series runs online once a week for 8 weeks and can be adapted for groups of up to 50 employees.

Professional Development Series

This introductory training series is designed for companies who want to provide leadership training to team members at any stage of their careers. It is designed enhance their leadership skills, strengthen relationships, refine communication, boost productivity, and feel more inspired and energized.

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New Manager Series

The New Manager Series is tailored for individuals who have recently transitioned into a new leadership role and are seeking more clarity on what to do and how to perform as leaders. This series guides them through the process of moving from peer to boss successfully, understanding their role as a coach, giving impactful feedback, setting goals and expectations, and eliminating workplace drama.

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Mid Level Leaders Series

In the Mid Level Leaders Series we delve into the essential skills and attributes that propel mid level leaders toward success in today's dynamic business landscape. This series aims to equip mid-level leaders with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of their roles.

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Executive/ C-Suite Development

The Executive Development Series is a transformative program dedicated to empowering executives in their leadership journey. This series is tailored to enhance strategic thinking, address mindsets, and develop techniques to improve employee engagement and commitment, fostering a positive work culture.

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