#121: Leadership Lessons: An Interview with Jim Matheson, CEO NRECA

What happens when you sit down with a seasoned leader and let the conversation flow? I found out in a recent chat with Jim Matheson, CEO of NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperative Association), where he generously shares his insights from years at the helm, and what primarily drives his leadership strategy. This episode is teeming with revelations, particularly around the power of communication in leadership - a refreshing and much-needed perspective amidst the often polarized rhetoric of today's world.

He shares the challenges and opportunities that lie within the industry, and how balancing the immediate problems with a clear vision for the future can lead to meaningful conversations, smart decisions, and ultimately, a more secure  future. Adding a whole new layer to the dialogue, Jim emphasized the importance of vulnerability and leveraging the intellectual capabilities of your team - priceless leadership nuggets for us all to consider.

When it comes to building a mission-driven culture and fostering employee engagement, Jim's approach is focused. Packed with practical wisdom on managing the dynamics of hybrid work and the invaluable lessons he's learned from influential leaders, including his parents, this conversation is a testament to the power of open mindedness and relentless learning. As we explore the concept of leadership mindsets, it became evident how vital it is to surround yourself with strong individuals, not shy away from asking questions, and consciously strive to learn from their experiences. This episode is more than just a conversation, it's an opportunity to learn from a leader who's making a difference, in an intentional way.

Find Jim here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-matheson-660132105/

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