#122: Leadership Lessons: An Interview with Anita Miller, Certified Coach

Ever felt voiceless and choiceless in your career? Wondered how to navigate the complex power dynamics in business? Join me today as I chat with Anita Miller, a certified coach and a role model of confidence and career success. Anita generously shares her inspiring journey, from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, highlighting the critical lessons she learned during her challenging times, particularly the power of asking for help and valuing strong support systems.

As we journey through the conversation, Anita and I explore the significance of building a community when transitioning from corporates to startups and how we can reclaim our power and voice.  Our discussion deepens into how our beliefs about power can make us feel voiceless and choiceless, and how we can break those barriers to find our authentic voice, and the confidence to succeed. We further delve into the intricate dynamics of power in business and the role diversity and inclusion play in shaping a more equitable workspace.

Anita enlightens us with insightful strategies to navigate these power dynamics, the role thoughts play in shaping our self-beliefs, and how we can cultivate authenticity in our work. We wrap up with a powerful discussion on Anita's journey to success and how she is fostering personal and professional agency in others, through her coaching work. So tune in, and get ready to be inspired, and who knows, you might find a new perspective that could change your career trajectory.

Find Anita: https://sisyouareworthy.com/