#123: Cultivating Candor

Has it ever crossed your mind that holding back your thoughts could be damaging your personal and professional relationships? Or that your well-intentioned feedback could be doing more harm than good? Join us in our latest podcast episode where we dissect the art of giving  feedback, and how it plays a crucial role in our interactions. We venture into the realm of candidness - a quality largely admired and sought after in flourishing individuals and teams. Our discussion highlights the risks of withholding your thoughts and the potentially negative domino effect it can have on our relationships, personal development, and overall growth.

But feedback isn't just about speaking your mind, it's about doing it respectfully. We delve into how to master this fine balance. Delving further, we explore the various reactions people have to feedback, providing a fascinating insight into human dynamics. From playing the victim to avoiding confrontation altogether, we dissect the spectrum of reactions and how understanding these responses can enhance our communication skills. So, are you ready to challenge the traditional paradigms of feedback and candor? It's time to cultivate a culture that encourages growth, respect, and openness.