#125: The Future of Leadership: Lessons from a Charcuterie Board

Can leadership evolution be compared to assembling a charcuterie board? Surprisingly, yes! Join me as we slice into the future of leadership and the crucial shifts needed in a post-pandemic world. My current fascination with charcuterie boards serves as a unique metaphor in our discussion, and we'll unpack how the ingredients of effective leadership are as varied and complex as those on the board. With insights from the book "The Empathy Edge," we delve into the shifts in the workforce and what employees are now seeking.

We'll explore facilitating leadership with strategic empathy. This isn't about following a recipe, but rather, thoughtfully combining flavors that cater to the dynamics and tastes of your team. So, grab your cheese knife and join us for this  episode. Don't forget to check out our intentional leadership blog for even more robust flavors to enhance your leadership palate.