#128: Leadership Lessons: An Interview with Karen Knab, Executive Leadership Coach and Conflict Resolution Expert

Have you ever witnessed a leader transform a conflict into an opportunity for growth? That's exactly the kind of transformation Karen Knab, former marriage and family therapist turned leadership coach, specializes in. Her journey from passive to assertive leadership is inspiring; it's a masterclass for anyone at the helm of a business or team. In our candid conversation, Karen dissects the challenges of progressing in her career and how she gained the necessary tools for effective management and decision-making, providing a mirror for us to examine our own leadership style.

It's a common myth that career success and interpersonal skills go hand in hand – but Karen is here to set the record straight. We strip down the nature of conflict to its core, revealing it as a neutral event ripe with potential for positive outcomes if navigated correctly. With Karen's insights, we explore how creating a non-judgmental space for vulnerability leads to stronger client and colleague relationships. This episode redefines conflict resolution, advocating for a shift in perspective towards embracing diverse experiences and responses as a pathway to personal and professional growth.

In the realm of leadership, empathy emerges as a non-negotiable trait. Karen and I share in our perspective that it is an essential quality of a human-centric work culture. For those ready to lead with integrity, courage, and empathy, Karen's insights and the resources discussed in this episode offer a beacon of hope and guidance on your leadership journey.