#129: Leading with Authenticity

Strolling through the corridors of corporate America, I once found myself wearing a mask that didn't quite fit. It was only after peeling back the layers of expected conformity that I discovered the transformative power of authenticity. Join me on a  journey through the heart of genuine leadership, where we examine the delicate balance between professionalism and being your true self. Inspired by Brené Brown's insights on true belonging, our conversation is an invitation to embrace self-acceptance and the courage it takes to present our authentic selves, exploring how this self-honesty can dramatically reduce stress and enhance our effectiveness as leaders.

We delve into the intricacies of how the values instilled in us as children, like my own youthful defiance of authority, shape the principles we carry into adulthood and the way we forge connections. During our discussion, you'll witness the unfiltered version of myself that I bring to my leadership training sessions with Intentionaleaders, aiming to inspire a similar level of candor and transparency. We explore the reciprocal nature of authenticity and its fundamental role in cultivating trust and a genuine sense of belonging in relationships, promising a narrative that challenges and inspires you to consistently present your best and most genuine self in every interaction.