#131: Up Level Your Sales Strategy as a Leader, Entrepreneur, or Personal Brand

When Justine Beauregard, a powerhouse in sales coaching, shares her entrepreneurial journey from youth, it's not just a conversation—it's a lesson in creating a legacy. Justine's narrative, steeped in the entrepreneurial spirit passed down from her family, echoes the resilience required to leap into business ownership and the crucial role of self-evaluation, accountability, and goal-setting in steering a venture to victory.
 This episode is your invitation to redefine what growth means to you, to consider how every choice and action contributes to the legacy you're actively constructing. Your personal and professional brand.
 The art of personal branding and the evolution of leadership aren't just buzzwords—they're chapters in the playbook of professionals aiming for their peak and purpose. In our conversation, we explore how to carve out a compelling presence without forgoing authenticity, and we tackle the challenge of crafting sales messages that strike a chord with various stakeholders. Embrace the wisdom shared in this episode, and chart your own course toward creating a legacy that's as memorable as it is meaningful.

Sell in Ways You Actually Enjoy | Justine Beauregard

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