#137: Becoming Deliberately You with Sarah Viana

Can understanding your strengths and values unlock your true potential? Join us as we welcome Sarah Viana, founder of Deliberately You, who transitioned from a successful HR career to a fulfilling journey in coaching. Sarah shares how her early experiences in a supportive organization sparked her passion for people development, ultimately leading her to immerse herself in a coaching community. 

Discover the intriguing dynamics between strengths and values through the Values in Action (VIA) Inventory. Sarah provides personal insights and practical examples, revealing how strengths like kindness can reflect deeply held values.  Learn about habit stacking as a method to develop lesser strengths by leveraging more dominant ones, and how balancing honesty with social intelligence can enhance effective and empathetic communication.

Maximizing leadership potential often hinges on meaningful connections and effective management of time and energy.  The role of trust in leadership, aligning individual growth with organizational needs, and the necessity of difficult conversations are explored in depth. Sarah also highlights the importance of authenticity, presence, and intentionality in fostering impactful relationships, advocating for a life lived deliberately and with purpose.

Find Sarah here:  Sarah (Walsh) Viana, ACC | LinkedIn

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