Cyndi Wentland, MBA,

Founder of Intentionaleaders 

Cyndi is the Founder of Intentionaleaders, an organization that fosters growth, development, and passion in leaders at all levels of experience.  An avid teacher and learner, she believes that with the right tools, resources, and support anyone can learn to be a phenomenal leader regardless of title or role.

She’s spent the last three decades in large and small corporations across a variety of industries, teaching business courses at the college level, providing executive coaching and as a solo entrepreneur.  With an emphasis on developing, facilitating, and consulting on organizational and leadership strategies she founded Intentionaleaders, LLC in January of 2020. 

Cyndi is a strong advocate and practitioner of strengths-based performance and positive psychology.  As the host of The Intentional Leader Podcast with Cyndi Wentland, she provides immediate access to micro learning, small shifts in habits and practices that make a big impact on relationships and results.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin Madison, and an MBA from Edgewood College.  She’s an authorized partner and facilitator for Everything DiSC©, the Meyers-Briggs Type Inventory©, Management Research Groups Leadership 360, is a certified coach through the Life Coach School, and has been certified as a Virtual Presenter by eSpeakers.


How Intentionaleaders Began

I founded Intentionaleaders because I know what it feels like to have a career vision or goal...coupled with the uncertainty of how to achieve it. Other than keep working harder, smarter (duh), and well, harder--what are the secret ingredients to achieve those lofty aspirations? And how to tackle all those internal voices, you know the can I be my authentic self while navigating the varied political or organization cultures I found myself in? Am I doing this right? And if I am, why am I so stressed? 

Oh, how I longed for a clear path. And a wise, supportive mentor to guide me. Part cheerleader, part kick my ass, part educator--someone to walk beside me give me clarity and focus. Intention.

Intentionaleaders is about this path, this partnership, this guidance. To achieve your leadership aspirations, regardless of where you are in your career. New manager? Senior executive? I've been where you are. I've learned the hard lessons, I've taught and coached thousands of leaders. I can help you find your unique path.

Why Partner with me

I believe that at any age, at any point, people can learn, grow and change.  I’ve dedicated my entire life to that belief.  Learning and teaching are my passions and I’d love to share them with you. 

I can be fun to partner with because I:

  • Will always celebrate your strengths and talents
  • Can share leadership best practices, and how to be a great human being.
  • Have tons of determination and energy to help you on your leadership mission–whatever that looks like.
  • Have worked in large organizations, small organizations, non-profits and as a solopreneur. I can argue passionately for the value and challenges in all of them.
  • Am blessed to have several decades of experience in organizational consulting, leadership development, teambuilding, communications, interpersonal effectiveness, design and development and facilitation.  I share liberally.
  • Am a loyal supporter of my family, the UW System, Wisconsin cheese, pets, wine, caffeine and eating, but not necessarily in that order.

I believe that everyone deserves to work with one great leader.  And I believe that you can be that leader.

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