Intentional Interviews

"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it." ‚ÄĒ Margaret Fuller

Learning from others is a gift, one that I wish I would have learned more intentionally earlier in my career. This is why I've compiled a select list of podcast interviews with leaders who inspire me. Because I believe leadership is a mindset, not a title. Check out these interviews and claim your own leadership story.

Becoming Deliberately You with Sarah Viana

Welcome Sarah Viana, founder of Deliberately You, who transitioned from a successful HR career to a fulfilling journey in coaching. Sarah shares how her early experiences in a supportive organization sparked her passion for people development, ultimately leading her to immerse herself in a coaching community. 

Maximizing leadership potential often hinges on meaningful connections and effective management of time and energy.  The role of trust in leadership, aligning individual growth with organizational needs, and the necessity of difficult conversations are explored in depth. Sarah also highlights the importance of authenticity, presence, and intentionality in fostering impactful relationships, advocating for a life lived deliberately and with purpose.


Navigating Burnout in Work & Life with Dr. Hiba Khalid

When the weight of a career in anesthesiology pushed Dr. Hibba Khaled to her breaking point, she didn't just bounce back; she reinvented herself as a beacon of hope for those suffocating under the burden of burnout. Join us for a discussion with Dr. Khaled, co-founder of Embers and a burnout recovery specialist, as she shares her transformative journey and the lessons she learned along the way. 

This episode provides a glimpse at the mechanics of burnout and the possibility of crafting a fulfilling life. Dr. Khaled breaks down the factors contributing to our burnout epidemic‚ÄĒmisaligned values, toxic work environments, and the perpetual push for perfection. But more than that, she discusses the tools to reclaim our sense of self, emphasizing the role of mindfulness, grounding techniques, and finding our joy.


Leading Accessibility, Equity & Environmental Justice; A Deeply Meaningful Journey with Anita Cobb

Anita Cobb's story is one of remarkable transformation, and in our latest episode, this pioneering leader from Mead & Hunt brings you a narrative that's as empowering as it is enlightening. From her evolution in finance to becoming a champion of diversity and inclusion in the aviation sector, Anita exemplifies what it means to turn adversity into opportunity. Her candid conversation with us illuminates the importance of a people-first approach in the realms of architecture, engineering, and construction, and how it leads to more inclusive design and technology advancements.

As our conversation with Anita draws to a close, she reflects on the inner pillars that keep her steadfast‚ÄĒthe 'verticals'.¬† Anita's journey inspires a call to authenticity, gratitude, and intentional leadership, proving that every one of us has the potential to be an unstoppable force for change. If Anita's story resonates with you, join us in this episode for a deep connection with one of aviation equity's most inspiring figures.


Leading with Authenticity and Service an Interview with Krystal Westfahl

Krystal Westfahl, the President of the Minocqua Visitors Bureau, takes us through the scenic routes of her career journey. Her story, as diverse as the Northwoods she champions, reveals how a degree in natural resources and a formative interaction with WWII veterans charted her course towards nonprofit leadership.  Krystal's narrative is a refreshing reminder that embracing every turn with joy and authenticity can lead to a fulfilling life's work, deeply rooted in community service.

Krystal illustrates that serving one's community is a hands-on affair, rooted in a genuine love for the place you call home. Through her eyes, we learn the grace of servant leadership, and the undeniable joy that springs from creating positive experiences for ourselves and others. Join us for an episode that's as much about discovering the essence of Wisconsin as it is about uncovering the heart of true leadership.

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Leadership Lessons an Interview with Justine Beauregard, Sales Coach & Trainer

When Justine Beauregard, a powerhouse in sales coaching, shares her entrepreneurial journey from youth, it's not just a conversation‚ÄĒit's a lesson in creating a legacy. Justine's narrative, steeped in the entrepreneurial spirit passed down from her family, echoes the resilience required to leap into business ownership and the crucial role of self-evaluation, accountability, and goal-setting in steering a venture to victory.
 This episode is your invitation to redefine what growth means to you, to consider how every choice and action contributes to the legacy you're actively constructing. Your personal and professional brand.
¬†The art of personal branding and the evolution of leadership aren't just buzzwords‚ÄĒthey're chapters in the playbook of professionals aiming for their peak and purpose. In our conversation, we explore how to carve out a compelling presence without forgoing authenticity, and we tackle the challenge of crafting sales messages that strike a chord with various stakeholders. Embrace the wisdom shared in this episode, and chart your own course toward creating a legacy that's as memorable as it is meaningful.

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How to Transform Workplace Conflict with Karen Knab, Executive Leadership Coach & Conflict Resolution Expert

Have you ever witnessed a leader transform a conflict into an opportunity for growth? That's exactly the kind of transformation Karen Knab, former marriage and family therapist turned leadership coach, specializes in. Her journey from passive to assertive leadership is inspiring; it's a masterclass for anyone at the helm of a business or team.

It's a common myth that career success and interpersonal skills go hand in hand ‚Äď but Karen is here to set the record straight. We strip down the nature of conflict to its core, revealing it as a neutral event ripe with potential for positive outcomes if navigated correctly.¬†

For those ready to lead with integrity, courage, and empathy, Karen's insights and the resources discussed in this episode offer a beacon of hope and guidance on your leadership journey.

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Creating a Legacy through Service to Others with Rebekah Sweeney, Sr Dir Programs & Policy

A crucial part of leadership that often goes unnoticed is the importance of authenticity and purpose. Rebekah shares her personal experiences, underscoring the significance of positivity, transparency, and self-awareness in the workspace. Hear how the joy of serving others and celebrating their victories, can instill a sense of fulfillment and purpose in your career. 

With a focus on her  intended legacy at the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association and in life, we explore the pivotal role of caring and supporting her team and Association members in achieving this vision. This enriching conversation sheds light on working relationships, daily support, and the legacy we craft every day. Prepare to be inspired and empowered!


Leading in Journalism with Humilty with Jake Bittle, Author, The Great Displacement

Imagine understanding the nuances of writing about climate change and American migration in a way so clear, it's like you're looking through a freshly cleaned window. That's the experience Jake Biddle, author of The Great Displacement, provides in this enlightening chat. Jake highlights his intersection of climate change and journalism, revealing his motivation to take action on complex topics. We track his two-year journey of research and writing, while he discusses the key role humility plays in journalism.

Jake shares his aspirations for his work's enduring impact and the importance of storytelling.This episode is a treasure trove of insights on climate change, journalism, and leadership.



Confidence Coaching & Reclaiming Power with Anita Miller, Certified Coach

Have you ever felt voiceless in your career? Tune into our latest episode with confidence coach Anita Miller as she shares her journey from losing her business during the pandemic, to the corporate world to entrepreneurship and her key to success: reclaiming power. Anita generously shares her inspiring journey, from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, highlighting the critical lessons she learned during her challenging times, particularly the power of asking for help and valuing strong support systems.



Leading through Vision, Communication & Consensus with Jim Matheson, CEO NRECA

What drives Jim Matheson's, CEO of NRECA leadership strategy? It's the power of communication. Effective communication is not only a key skill for success, but it also sets the tone and inspires others to perform effectively. It's a powerful tool that can bridge divides and bring about consensus in a world where differences often take center stage. Dive into our latest episode for a refreshing perspective amidst the challenges of leadership and cultural change.

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Leaders are Readers with Jonathan Woahn, Co-Founder BookClub

Leaders are readers. Why? Because they spend time and energy on solving challenges. Books provide insights, new ways of thinking, solutions to combat the chaos and complexity of the business world. Check out this week's podcast with Jonathan Woahn, Head of Customer for BookClub. He shares the exciting discoveries of the powerful impact of bookclubs on team performance. Learn how this organization can unleash the power of learning, and also promote psychological safety in your team.

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Why Your Mindset Matters with Ryan Gottfredson, Ph.D., Author

Do you want to know what differentiates good leaders from great ones? Explore not just what you need to do to lead....but who you need to be as a leader. In this podcast interview, I had the pleasure of discussing these insights with Ryan Gottfredson who's worked with thousands of leaders on their beliefs, and their mindsets. Best selling author of Success Mindsets and The Elevated Leader (run and get them!). Listen now to understand how these insights can take you from good to truly remarkable. 

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Leadership Lessons an Interview with Kristin Polywacz, Director Organizational Development & Learning

Meet Kristin, educator, coach, lifelong learner, and a visionary in the learning space. Listen as she describes what inspired a change in organization and industry after 20 years in academics. And as she reveals the time her Jenga tower was toppled and how she built it, and herself back up even stronger.


Leadership Lessons an Interview with Francois Brunet, CISSP, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering

Meet Francois Brunet. Canadian born leader, former colleague, electrical engineer, laser expert, IT manager, author, committed student of life, and beloved friend. He inspires me with his personal mission--which he passionately carries out....To be gentlemanly, courteous, kind, thoughtful, creative, disciplined, grateful. To give back more love than he receives. I can attest to these virtues and more.


Leadership Lessons an Interview with Allie Brawley, Director Communications & Studio Owner

Can you balance an A+ style with a yogi mindset? @AllieBrowley answers this question and more in her podcast interview.....her leadership lessons learned. And how she came to lead with resilience, self awareness, and at the foundation, her values.


Leadership Lessons an Interview with Adam Marsh, Civil Engineer, P.E.

Are you a seller/doer? Balancing business development and executing the work? Learn about Adam's strategies, amongst other lessons learned in the engineering world for 15 years. Challenges? Yes. He'll share the story that changed him professionally and personally. And why he believes that physical and mental health are keys to his success.


Leadership Lessons an Interview with Laurie Zoerb, Realtor

What leadership characteristics does it take to be a phenomenal success in real estate? Check out this week’s Lessons Learned interview with the multi-talented Laurie Zoerb, as she shares her insights and the impact of her own first home buying experience. And if you want the best tour ever of Marco Island? She’s your tour guide!


Leadership Lessons an Interview with Wendy Sulzer, Primerica

What does leadership look like? Changing careers? Moving family across the country? Building a home? Surviving a hurricane? Being a passionate learner? What about all of the above? Check out my podcast interview with Wendy Sulzer to be inspired and discover her secrets for balancing it all!


Leadership Lessons an Interview with Entrepreneur, Amber Gray

Amber Gray is the founder and CEO of Trusty Oak, an Austin-based virtual assistant company providing administrative and marketing support to small business leaders, authors, and creative teams. A people-first approach to hiring, along with a scalable growth model have positioned Trusty Oak as a flexible, dependable, and affordable alternative to hiring administrative and marketing employees. In 2021 and 2022, Trusty Oak was named Freelancer Hiring Platform of the Year, and in 2021 Amber was recognized as Austin Business Woman of the Year. 


Leadership Lessons an Interview with Kathryn Henshue, J.D.

Attorney, wife, mom, extraordinary human being. Meet Katie Henshue, General Counsel for a firm that supports approximately 1,500 design and construction professionals across the nation, as she shares her leadership lessons and her laughter. She's been an inspiration and I am thankful to call her a friend.


Leadership Lessons an Interview with Melissa Hunt, CEcD, EDFP

Meet Melissa Hunt, a passionate leader in work and in life, she shares her lessons learned in this energizing podcast interview. Her leadership resulted in being honored with the WI Economic Development Association's 2022 Andy Lisak Young Professional Award and being recognized on the 40 Under 40 list from InBusiness magazine. 


Leadership Lessons an Interview with Ryan Festerling, Pres QPS Employment Group

Not sure what you want to do when you grow up? Or looking for a career change and anxious about the shift? Or just want to learn a few lessons from a Executive VP turned President? Ryan's insights are both valuable and energizing. Thank you, Ryan, for sharing some of the secrets to your success!  

Leadership Lessons an Interview with Shenita Brokenburr, Founder Bridge Braintrust

Need inspiration? Check out this week's podcast, Leadership Lessons with Shenita Brokenburr founder of Bridge Braintrust. Coach, thought partner, mentor, influencer, teacher and visionary--she continues to educate and inspire. Listen as shares her insights and lessons, including the power of her vision board--which will blow your mind! ūü§Į

Leadership Lessons an Interview with Chad Melnick, SVP Kohls

This episode is a shout out to all the leaders who show stamina, loyalty and commitment to the organization and to the community of people around them. Check out Chad Melnick, SVP of Marketing Strategy and Promotions, at Kohls as he shares his leadership lessons and the secrets of his success.

Leadership Lessons an Interview with Andy Platz, Pres/CEO

Welcome to Lessons Learned! Insights, advice and perhaps some secrets from respected and admired leaders. Tune in for the inaugural episode, featuring Andy Platz, President and CEO of Mead & Hunt (engineering, architectural and planning services). Discover what he attributes to his 37+ years of success in this highly successful and growing firm. And though he values transparency, does Andy have any secrets?ūüėČ